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Death Row Shelter Dog Becomes Part Of Texas Search-And-Rescue Team In Harvey Aftermath

It is quite unbelievable that a dog who was once deemed ”unadoptable” is now rescuing people. It proves that dogs, if given the chance, can prove themselves and become quite the asset. Rocket, a Belgian Malinois/Border Collie mix was one day away from euthanasia in a shelter in Sacramento, California. No one wanted to adopt […]

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Compassionate Rescue Dog Gives Back By Fostering Kittens

A rescue dog who was once unloved is now giving back all the love she’s now getting by fostering these babies! Although the babies are not quite what you think! Her name is Peggy, and it may not be Mother’s day, but she has a gift for everyone. In a truly heartwarming little video, the […]

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shelter dog

‘’What An Ugly Old Dog,’’ Woman Disses As She Walked Past A Senior Dog At Shelter

Dogs, especially senior dogs, deserve to live out the rest of their lives in peace. They deserve a safe and loving environment before the cross the rainbow bridge. But not everyone feels that way. Oscar, a senior Australian Shepherd, was found by the side of the road. He suffered alone for three days, ignored like […]

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Dog Owner Risks Life And Punches Kangaroo To Save His Dog

”Dog Owner of the Year” Award should go to this guy. He risked his life to save pet dog during a bizarre encounter with a kangaroo. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. This story is crackpot; the title is total click bait. However, trust me when I say that this story is totally legit. No BS, no […]

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Disabled dog amazing recovery

Doctors Thought This Disabled Dog Shouldn’t Live BUT She Proves Them ALL Wrong!

The will to live and to survive is one of the strongest instincts of any creature. This particular disabled dog is one of the strongest pup’s we’ve ever come across. She’s absolutely incredible and determined! Her name is Wanda and this sweet girl was dropped off at Cinque Ports Rescue organization in the United Kingdom. […]

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