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Dog Who Lost Her Puppies Takes In A Litter Thrown Out Of Car Window

Blossom was pregnant and with advanced case of heart worm when her owner gave her up to a crowded shelter in Houston. Thankfully, Maggie Escriva of Westie and Scottie Rescue Houston stepped up to foster her. However, Blossom lost two of her three puppies at birth. She became ”frantic” and would search all over the […]

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Keep Your Dog Entertained For HOURS With DIY Dog Toy!

This DIY dog toy is an amazing way to keep your dog entertained while you attend to other things. We love our dogs. But fact of the matter is that we can’t give them all the time in the world. We have jobs to attend to, chores to finish, people to meet and more. Sometimes, […]

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golden retriever puppies

Golden Retriever Puppies Mob Helpless Boy And Sends Him To Heaven

If I were going to be crushed by anything, please let it be adorable, fluffy Golden Retriever puppies. I can’t express just how jealous I am of this guy right now. This lucky man has now ticked off another thing off his bucket list. If you don’t have ”to be mobbed by puppies’’ on your […]

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Meet The World’s First Identical Twin Puppies! ADORABLE!

Dog gives birth to identical twin puppies, and they are the first in the world. It is totally a bizarre ocurrence! Hot off the press, a dog has given birth to a pair of identical twin puppies. In human beings, this miracle seems mundane. Yet, in other species, it is a circumstance rarely seen. The odd […]

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cute puppies talk

Cute Puppies Engage In The Most Adorable Conversation Ever!

What’s cuter than two puppies? Well, two cute puppies engaging in a conversation, of course! An adorable puppy, a mixed Shiba Inu, suddenly goes hog wild when he flies past a handsome Husky. Why not, right? Like a couple of old hens discussing neighborhood gossip, this pair of cute puppies talk up a storm in […]

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cute puppies baby

Baby Snuggles Up With Cute Puppies For Nap Time

Watching a baby and cute puppies sleep together can make anyone be overcome with adoration. They are cute, fragile and innocent little creatures. There are two things in life that will constantly amass the same sort of response from anybody. They will rapidly trigger a deluge of emotions and reactions. Most of these straddling the […]

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mama dog 8

Mama Dog Kept Her Puppies In A Tree Till Rescuers Arrived

A very brave mama dog managed to keep her newborn puppies alive until rescuers arrived. She thought that to keep them safe from elements, predators and bad people, keeping them out of plain sight is the best way to go. Mama dog figured that keeping her puppies inside a tree would increase their chances of […]

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