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Mama Dog Courageously Dives Into Flood Water To Rescue Her Puppies

There’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her young. This mama dog stopped at nothing to ensure her baby’s safety! A video clip showing a dog desperately trying to rescue her pups has gone viral. According to Metro UK, the very young puppy fell into a puddle of water but they did not realize at […]

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Neglectful Owner Calls Animal Control To Clean Up Her ”Dead” Dog

Animal control received a call about a ”dead” dog. However, they were in for a surprise when they arrived at the scene. You see, not only was the dog NOT dead, she also recently gave birth. As it turns out, the owner was neglectful. She didn’t take care of her dog and the pups. Mama […]

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Mama Dog Kept Her Puppies In A Tree Till Rescuers Arrived

A very brave mama dog managed to keep her newborn puppies alive until rescuers arrived. She thought that to keep them safe from elements, predators and bad people, keeping them out of plain sight is the best way to go. Mama dog figured that keeping her puppies inside a tree would increase their chances of […]

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