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20+ Hilarious Snapchats That Prove Dogs Are The Best

Dogs are arguably the first the best thing that’s ever happened to humankind. They keep you grounded. They live in the moment. And they are bottomless sources of unconditional love! With the rise of social media, we have more avenues to share just how awesome/silly/weird are dogs are. The world is an even better place […]

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orchestra 1

Dog Walks Into An Orchestra And Got The Best Seat In The House

An orchestra gathers elites and intellectuals in the name of music and harmony. Oh, and dogs too, apparently. At the performance of Vienna Chamber Orchestra in Turkey, an unexpected cameo caught the attention of the audience. A Labrador Retriever casually strolled into the scene. Not only that, he got the best darned seat in the […]

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smart dog 1

Smart Dog Learns To Play Instrument With Confidence!

There are very few things in the world that’s cuter than a smart dog oozing with confidence, although he actually has no idea what she’s doing. This beautiful girl deserves a round of applause! This footage comes to us from our wacky neighbors up North. From that magical land passed the Great Lakes, just shy […]

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Annoyed Cat Pushes Puppy Into The Pool In Hilarious Bout

Imagine this; you’re the by the pool enjoying the surroundings, minding your own business. Suddenly, a hyper fella comes along and bothers living hell out of you. So how do you deal with someone like that? Well, this cat may be able to teach you a things or two. Our featured cat is lying on […]

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beagle baby laura

Baby Shares Food With Cute Beagle, Gets Grumpy When He Drops It

There is absolutely no one that cannot be charmed by puppy dog eyes. One glance and anyone would melt into oblivion and meet whatever ridiculous demand is ask of them. Okay, maybe not really. But it is enough for anyone to toss a portion of their food their dog’s way! Even a baby couldn’t resist […]

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Plucky Dog Slides On Grass And Makes Everyone Happy!

Man, does this plucky dog knows how to have some. Although the clip is short, this little 18 second film has gathered an army of supporters. A veritable score of fanatics are simply flabbergasted by this puppy’s astounding ability. An ability that, no doubt, was inspired by the Titans of baseball and then the Giants of […]

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