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race car

Dog Felt Left Out At Christmas — Grandpa Builds Him His Very Own Race Car Bed

Donna and Trevor Armstrong are amazing grandparents. They live in New South Wales, and just like all grandparents, they love spoiling their grandchildren. In fact, for a fun surprise, they purchased their three grandsons race car beds. As the gifts were revealed, the kids were absolutely ecstatic. However, there was one “kid” in the house […]

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Ecstatic Dog Expresses Sweetest THANK YOU To Dad For Bring Him To Dog Park!

An ecstatic dog realized that dad just drove him to a dog park and couldn’t contain his excitement. Of course, he thanks dad in a major way! In the beginning, the little dog sit calmly on another person’s laugh on the passenger’s seat of the car. Moments later, he realized that dad just brought him […]

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Happy Dog Can’t Stop Smiling While Riding A Swing Set

This Shiba is one happy dog. You can practically see it oh his face. The sheer amount amount of joy this puppy is experiencing. This happy dog has been given the opportunity to play, and run. This happy dog loves nothing more than to pass the day away playing and simply being happy. In the […]

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cute dog digging

Cute Dog Starts Digging A Hole – The Reason? It’s NOT What You Think!

Dogs are clever and intelligent creatures. There’s no doubt about that. They come up with creative ways to accomplish tasks – always amazing us. And this cute dog is definitely no exception to this – she is very clever. Dogs are also known to dig holes. Sometimes they dig so much that they ruin our […]

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