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French Bulldog Rocking Baby To Sleep Will Make The Internet Melt!

A doting French Bulldog was captured on cam rocking baby to sleep and it’s absolutely beautiful to watch! Dogs are indeed the best babysitters! It’s time to invest in some doggy daycare. A truly wonderful way to save a buck or two. Time to train your furry little pooch. Time for that rascal to earn […]

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Plucky Dog Slides On Grass And Makes Everyone Happy!

Man, does this plucky dog knows how to have some. Although the clip is short, this little 18 second film has gathered an army of supporters. A veritable score of fanatics are simply flabbergasted by this puppy’s astounding ability. An ability that, no doubt, was inspired by the Titans of baseball and then the Giants of […]

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Sweet French Bulldog Waits By Pond. My Jaw Drops At What’s Next!

As if a sweet French Bulldog is not cute enough, what he’s doing will surely make your heart melt. I can’t believe at what I just saw! This is absolutely surreal. An adorable Frenchie named Daisy anxiously wait by the pond waiting for her special someone. If you think it’s a human or another dog, […]

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Cute Dog Eating A Watermelon Will Melt Any Frigid Heart!

This cute dog eating a watermelon from the inside will surely cheer you up today! He’s fun-sized yet the total package! Fun, adorable, heartwarming– those are just a few of the adjectives that can be employed to describe this 20 second video. A video that has racked up a lot of views since its upload. […]

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