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golden retriever 3

Golden Retriever Sits Outside Target And Refuses To Budge. Then They Read Sign Around His Neck.

An unleashed Golden Retriever was spotted outside a busy Target and refused to budge. A sign hangs around his neck, which caught everyone’s attention. But he was not abandoned. In fact, the sign says, ”Dad told me to wait here. Me waiting.” The dog’s name is Jackson. His human dad Steve Moore was adopted from […]

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unfortunate dogs

Woman Locks Herself Inside Hot Car To Show What Dogs Go Through

It’s hard to look away when you see unfortunate dogs locked inside a hot car. In an effort to end more hot car death, a lady from Nottingham did a stunt! In a bit of investigative journalism, a daring documentary style film making no doubt inspired by the likes of “Super Size Me” director and […]

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dumb dog 1

9 Reasons Why It’s Perfectly OK If Your Dog Is Dumb As Rocks

Not all dogs are created equal. Some smarter, needier, creepier, smellier, weirder etc. than others. Just like people, they are not perfect. Dogs have shortcomings too; they forget, they destroy things, they fart in their sleep, and occasionally, they wake you up at 4am for absolutely no reason. Little imperfections, here and there. But what […]

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5 Saliva Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Your Dog

2323Slobbery kiss is one of the ways dogs show their affection to humans. It is not uncommon. However, what’s common is how dog owners know so little about dog saliva despite dealing with it on a daily basis. While I am certain that those who have dogs are not grossed out by their saliva, here […]

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20+ Hilarious Snapchats That Prove Dogs Are The Best

Dogs are arguably the first the best thing that’s ever happened to humankind. They keep you grounded. They live in the moment. And they are bottomless sources of unconditional love! With the rise of social media, we have more avenues to share just how awesome/silly/weird are dogs are. The world is an even better place […]

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dog tweets

12 Funny Dog Tweets That We Can Relate All Too Well

Dogs are sprightly little creatures and our lives wouldn’t be the same without them. In fact, some people would argue that they may be the best thing that’s ever happened to mankind. And you know what, maybe they are right. Maybe they are angels sent down from above to teach us a lesson or two– […]

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with dog 1

Silly Ban Can’t Stop New Yorkers From Taking Subway With Dogs

If there’s a will, there’s a way. The indomitable human spirit has once again proven just how strong the bond is between human and dog. So the good people of New York got creative over how to bring their dogs in the subways. The trend came after a silly ban prevented dogs from taking subways […]

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Pit bulls

Cute Pit Bulls Chill With Unlikely Friends To Beat Summer Heat!

Watch out! These two Pit bulls are out to steal your heart with their cuteness as they chill with unlikely group of friends! Pit bulls have been getting a lot of bad rap over the last decade. They are said to be aggressive, and their innate physical strength and alleged ”locking jaw” is not helping […]

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mangy dogs

Mangy Dogs On The Brink Of Death Undergo Amazing Transformation

Two mangy dogs and another abused dog had a rough start in life. Despite the seemingly insurmountable hardships, these three hopeful dogs powered through them! Evita, like the Argentine first lady, had been living a life full of turmoil and strife. A life that seemed to have been created by cruel architects. A life that […]

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dog kiss

7 Reasons Why Dogs Love To Lick People

Licking is a dog’s ultimate way to please people. When you arrive from work, they never fail to greet you with jumping and slobbery kisses. But there’s more to licking than just trying make you feel welcome as soon as you open the door. While licking is indeed one of the ways dogs show their […]

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