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10+ Dogs Who Look Absolutely Adorable Eating Fruits And Veggies

Dogs are often branded as picky eaters and mostly carnivorous. They love treats that smell and taste like feet or rotten cheese or just plainly meaty (not that I know how feet actually tastes like lol). We humans may love our fruits and veggies but they are often overlooked by dogs. They just aren’t as delicious […]

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dog dreams

Dog Dreams: What Do Our Furry Friends Dream About?

Are dog dreams real? Just like people, dogs are actually capable of dozing off to dreamland! Those whimpering and barking your dog does in his sleep is probably one of his dog dreams. One of the greatest mysteries that has plagued mankind throughout the eons is the enigma of dreams. What are they? And what […]

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Park Rangers Heard Crying And Found Muddy Dog Tied To Cinder Block

Dogs are abandoned in creative ways. Thankfully, cruelty does not always win. Park rangers at Longview Lake in Kansas City, Missouri were going about their day, patrolling they area. They were spooked when they heard crying in the distance. They followed the sound but nothing could prepare them for what they found next. The dog […]

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Dog Dressed As A Mop Wins Big Time At Halloween Parade

Not all dogs are created equal. Some dogs are just better at Halloween than the rest of us! A dog who came as a mop at a Halloween Parade in Kentucky stole hearts; not only of the people who were there but people all over the world, thanks to the internet. The dog, named Keki, […]

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Family Dog Goes Missing, Then They Found ”Thank You” Note Attached On His Collar

Louie, a sheepdog, is well into senior age and has significantly slowed down. He was a shelter dog adopted into Marolyn Diver’s home years ago. He lives close to a forest, which could not be more ideal for a sheepdog. He used to go out on adventures into the woods but he always made it […]

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dora 1

Shelter Dog Couldn’t Stop Wagging Her Tail After Receiving Mail From Adoptive Parents

There’s nothing like tasting love for the first time. For a dog who’s been deprived of it all her life, she sure could not stop wagging her tail. Howl Of A Dog rescued Dora from a pound in Romania. Thankfully, she won’t be hanging around for too long because a family from the UK stepped […]

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Meet Mochi–The Dog With The Longest Tongue In The World

The Guinness World Records feature some incredible and often bizarre titles. People and pets compete for them, sometimes by working hard and sometimes by chance. This year, a Saint Bernard named Mochi snagged the title for world’s longest dog tongue! Mochi currently lives with his family in South Dakota. Six years ago, Karla Richert rescued […]

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tommy 3

Family Touched By Neighbor Dog Who Comes Over Everyday To Play With Their Senior Dog

This is definitely one of the sweetest doggy friendships I have ever seen. Tommy, a 16-year-old dog, has the sweetest friend in 5-year-old Jackson! Tommy’s family adopted him from an Illinois shelter many years ago. They were originally looking for a female dog but were asked to foster Tommy in the meantime, since there were […]

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Girl Asked If She Could Take Her Dog To School To Save Her From Hurricane. Professor Has Winning Response!

We consider our dogs family. And personally, there is no way in hell I would leave my dogs behind come hail and fire! That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise to me when college student Jessica Lewis begged her professor to allow her dog in class to protect her from Hurricane Irma. Jessica’s family […]

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kitten 2

Good Dog Happily Nurses Kitten Thrown In A Dumpster

It’s beautiful how the world kind of balances itself out. It’s not uncommon than an act of cruelty ignites kindness and compassion in our hearts. In Greece, a lady named Grace Spathoula was going about her regular day. She took out the trash and went to the dumpster, then she saw a particularly sickening sight–a […]

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