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Shelter Dog Who Reached Out Her Paw To Anyone Who Passed Her Kennel Is Now All Smiles!

One of the most heartbreaking things in the world is too see a shelter animal beg for the tiniest bit of attention. It’s sad to see someone so deprived of love. That is why when Katy Hinkley Cassells, co-founder of Helping Paws22, saw 6-year-old Leila reach out her paw to anyone who passed her kennel, […]

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louis 1

Family Dog Goes Missing, Then They Found ”Thank You” Note Attached On His Collar

Louie, a sheepdog, is well into senior age and has significantly slowed down. He was a shelter dog adopted into Marolyn Diver’s home years ago. He lives close to a forest, which could not be more ideal for a sheepdog. He used to go out on adventures into the woods but he always made it […]

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stray dog 2

”Aggressive” Dog Was Trapped In A Gate But She Calmed Down When Rescuers Touched Her

Dogs often display aggression when threatened or in pain. It can be hard to lend a helping hand when they need it because of their natural instincts to protect themselves. They don’t always know that we are trying to help. That is exactly the case for this poor stray dog who got stuck in between […]

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doris 3

Fragile 4-Day-Old Puppy Grows Up To Be A Gorgeous Dog And Is Adopted By Mailman!

Whoever said that dogs and mailman are mortal enemies clearly have not met Doris and her dad! But before that, Doris’ life wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine! Doris is a German Shepherd abandoned by the trash bins when she was only four days old. A storm had just hit the day before so it’s a […]

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Dog With Broken Legs Has Been Living In A Ditch Alone, Then She Puts Her Paws On Rescuer’s Hands

What was supposed to be a regular day for Łukasz Muniowski and his wife, Natalia turned into a rescue mission when they stumbled across an injured puppy hiding in a drain. The couple was cycling through the countryside when the dog popped her head from a drain. “My wife said, ‘Oh, a dog,’” Muniowski told The Dodo. […]

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Wiener Dog Tree

Is That A Cat? Nope! It’s An Adventurous Wiener Dog Who Got Stuck In A Tree

If you think of an animal that is likely to get in trouble with a tree–stuck, fell off, couldn’t come down and the like–a dog is not the first creature to come to mind. Maybe a bird or a cat but not Fido. That’s why the state troopers in Salem, Kentucky couldn’t believe their eyes […]

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mangy dogs

Mangy Dogs On The Brink Of Death Undergo Amazing Transformation

Two mangy dogs and another abused dog had a rough start in life. Despite the seemingly insurmountable hardships, these three hopeful dogs powered through them! Evita, like the Argentine first lady, had been living a life full of turmoil and strife. A life that seemed to have been created by cruel architects. A life that […]

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poor poodle

Poor Poodle Stuck Inside Burning Truck Gets A Second Chance!

A poor Poodle named Snowflake truly was down on his luck! Truck driver and Snowflake’s human Wade Newman got into an accident on his way from Winnipeg, Canada. The road was silent and forever the same. Newma was on his way from his most recent delivery. His two beloved dogs with him in the semi’s […]

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Starved Dog Finally Gets Food & Love After Owner ”Forgot” To Feed Him

A starved dog gets a second chance at life, thanks to the effort of his rescuers. They took him away from the life where he was chained, starved and stoned to the brink of death. Benji’s life had not been one of comfort and pampering. For a great deal of his existence, he had been […]

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Man Held At Machete Point, Almost Died Thrice While Rescuing Dogs

Rescuing dogs is a noble cause. This man from the United States flew all the way to China in order to save man’s best friend from the barbaric Yulin Festival. To some it is a reminder of the past, of customs that, although ancient and cruel, honor their forefathers. To others, it is an archaic […]

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