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10+ Dogs Who Look Absolutely Adorable Eating Fruits And Veggies

Dogs are often branded as picky eaters and mostly carnivorous. They love treats that smell and taste like feet or rotten cheese or just plainly meaty (not that I know how feet actually tastes like lol). We humans may love our fruits and veggies but they are often overlooked by dogs. They just aren’t as delicious […]

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Resourceful Dog Spotted Carrying A Bag Of Dog Food After Hurricane Harvey

It is heartbreaking to see the devastation brought by Hurricane Harvey, but it is during moments like this that messages of hope really resonate with the people. Of all the photos that could go viral after the catastropic event, it was a dog carrying a bag of dog food home that really inspired everyone. In […]

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Dog Couldn’t Care Less About Dieting, Stuffs Head In Dog Food Bag

Dogs love food, sometimes a little too much. For sure, Sam the Boxer couldn’t care less about dieting and losing weight! All he can think about is stuffing his head in the dog food bag. You see, mom bought Sam another brand of dog food that should help him lose weight. However, the pupper finds […]

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