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Dog Felt Left Out At Christmas — Grandpa Builds Him His Very Own Race Car Bed

Donna and Trevor Armstrong are amazing grandparents. They live in New South Wales, and just like all grandparents, they love spoiling their grandchildren. In fact, for a fun surprise, they purchased their three grandsons race car beds. As the gifts were revealed, the kids were absolutely ecstatic. However, there was one “kid” in the house […]

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Neglectful Owner Calls Animal Control To Clean Up Her ”Dead” Dog

Animal control received a call about a ”dead” dog. However, they were in for a surprise when they arrived at the scene. You see, not only was the dog NOT dead, she also recently gave birth. As it turns out, the owner was neglectful. She didn’t take care of her dog and the pups. Mama […]

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Precious Dog Born With Deformity Throws The Cutest Punches Ever

This precious dog may be born with deformity but that doesn’t stop him from duking it out Ali-style with his human buddy! “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” a motto this fighting Chihuahua holds firm to his heart. McFly “Ali” is the toughest, meanest and cutest little dog you’ll ever meet. He’s not only […]

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Chihuahua Stuck In Highway! I’m Ecstatic With Police Reaction!

Once more proving that size doesn’t matter and that even the tiniest of creatures can enact great change, a Chihuahua halted traffic in San Francisco, creating a massive gridlock for commuters trying to get home. Bolting and dashing over the bay bridge, a diminutive black Chihuahua forced traffic from Oakland to the City By The Bay […]

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