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Hiker Couple Adopts Cat And Dog Who Are Passionate About Hiking! Stunning Photos Galore.

I can imagine how satisfying it must be to travel with your pet. Sharing the beauty of the world with them and living life with no regrets. That is why I am utterly envious of avid hikers Cynthia Bennet and her boyfriend who get to experience the outdoors with their dog Henry and cat Baloo! […]

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dog dreams

Dog Dreams: What Do Our Furry Friends Dream About?

Are dog dreams real? Just like people, dogs are actually capable of dozing off to dreamland! Those whimpering and barking your dog does in his sleep is probably one of his dog dreams. One of the greatest mysteries that has plagued mankind throughout the eons is the enigma of dreams. What are they? And what […]

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wandering cloud

Dog Dies Of Broken Heart After Owner Abandoned Her At Airport

Dogs are creatures worth emulating. Their love is unconditional, their loyalty unwavering and resilience second to none. Despite all that, there is only so much they can take. They, too, suffer the blows of neglect and abandonment. A dog in Colombia died of broken heart after he owner abandoned her at an airport terminal. Her […]

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Park Rangers Heard Crying And Found Muddy Dog Tied To Cinder Block

Dogs are abandoned in creative ways. Thankfully, cruelty does not always win. Park rangers at Longview Lake in Kansas City, Missouri were going about their day, patrolling they area. They were spooked when they heard crying in the distance. They followed the sound but nothing could prepare them for what they found next. The dog […]

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Dog Slapped In The Face 11 TIMES Because He Can’t Learn The Alphabet

This is one of the cruelest, weirdest and definitely dumbest reason for cruelty towards man’s best friend that I have ever seen in my life. A man is caught on tape slapping a dog across the face 11 TIMES because he can’t learn the alphabet. Albert Einstein once said, ”Everybody is a genius. But if […]

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awkward puppy

Awkward Puppy Gets Stuck In His Owner’s Underwear

Well, this sure is embarrassing. While owner is taking a dump, his pup decided to go an adventure of his own. It’s no secret that dogs love underwear–whether they are bras, socks, panties and boxers. I think they especially like the ones you use to protect the privates right below the belt. I’m not quite […]

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No One Wanted To Adopt Dog Who Always Looked Sad, Until This Beautiful Reunion Happened

Dogs do silly things. Sometimes, they go on little adventures and fail to find their way back home. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love their family. It’s just that accidents happen here and there. Such is the unfortunate story of Pakita the dog after she wandered too far from home and could not find […]

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Dog Dressed As A Mop Wins Big Time At Halloween Parade

Not all dogs are created equal. Some dogs are just better at Halloween than the rest of us! A dog who came as a mop at a Halloween Parade in Kentucky stole hearts; not only of the people who were there but people all over the world, thanks to the internet. The dog, named Keki, […]

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rescue dogs

4-Year-Old Girl And Dog Recreate Astronaut’s Classic Dog Portrait–Wins Internet!

It is important to teach children kindness and compassion at a young age. And one of the best ways to do that is to add a fur baby into the family. Therefore, imagine the joy of Andrew Miller when her 4-year-old daughter asked to recreate an astronaut’s classic dog portrait for Halloween! Your daughter admiring […]

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Golden Retriever Sits Outside Target And Refuses To Budge. Then They Read Sign Around His Neck.

An unleashed Golden Retriever was spotted outside a busy Target and refused to budge. A sign hangs around his neck, which caught everyone’s attention. But he was not abandoned. In fact, the sign says, ”Dad told me to wait here. Me waiting.” The dog’s name is Jackson. His human dad Steve Moore was adopted from […]

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