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Pit bulls

Cute Pit Bulls Chill With Unlikely Friends To Beat Summer Heat!

Watch out! These two Pit bulls are out to steal your heart with their cuteness as they chill with unlikely group of friends! Pit bulls have been getting a lot of bad rap over the last decade. They are said to be aggressive, and their innate physical strength and alleged ”locking jaw” is not helping […]

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Neglectful Owner Calls Animal Control To Clean Up Her ”Dead” Dog

Animal control received a call about a ”dead” dog. However, they were in for a surprise when they arrived at the scene. You see, not only was the dog NOT dead, she also recently gave birth. As it turns out, the owner was neglectful. She didn’t take care of her dog and the pups. Mama […]

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cute puppies talk

Cute Puppies Engage In The Most Adorable Conversation Ever!

What’s cuter than two puppies? Well, two cute puppies engaging in a conversation, of course! An adorable puppy, a mixed Shiba Inu, suddenly goes hog wild when he flies past a handsome Husky. Why not, right? Like a couple of old hens discussing neighborhood gossip, this pair of cute puppies talk up a storm in […]

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VA Denies Efficacy Of PTSD Therapy Dogs! Let’s Convince Them.

Let’s demand that the VA acknowledges the efficacy of PTSD therapy dogs and cover costs of therapy dogs for PTSD afflicted veterans with psychiatric condition. It’s about time. In 2014, the VA announced an unprecedented aid for Veterans and active servicemen. The U.S Veteran Service Program was on paper a rousing success for all those […]

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Family Dog Dies After Protecting Baby From House Fire

A family dog named Polo will forever be remembered by this family as the hero who saved their 8-month-old baby’s life. Sadly, he didn’t make it. The Baltimore City Fire Department responded to a call for a house fire. A dangerous alarm with persons trapped; a dire situation where every minute was critical. Erika Poremski, stepped […]

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street dog 3

Street Dog Wooes Flight Attendant And Finds Forever Home!

They say long distance relationships are doomed to fail; that keeping love alive despite the miles is one of the hardest things in the world. Maintaining love alive is something you have to work at. Airline employee, stewardess Olivia Sievers, routinely flies from Germany to Argentina for her company. On one such visit, in a […]

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Dog Or Cat? You’ll Die Laughing When You SEE One Dog’s Imitation!

One of my dogs is a typical dog and he does not get along with or appreciate cats being in his area. This really includes most small non dog animals like rabbits, squirrels chipmunks too. My other dog however while still not being a fan of small critters does like cats. I know it’s hard […]

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