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Hilarious Labrador Retriever Stole Tater Tots From Mom And Stashed Them In The Weirdest Spot!

Dogs do crazy things! They actively embrace danger — chase cars, eat cat poop and bark at dangerous animals that could maul them to death (bears, hello). But on the other hand, they are terrified of things that pose no real danger such as vacuum cleaners and blow dryers. The point is that dogs do […]

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dumb dog 1

9 Reasons Why It’s Perfectly OK If Your Dog Is Dumb As Rocks

Not all dogs are created equal. Some smarter, needier, creepier, smellier, weirder etc. than others. Just like people, they are not perfect. Dogs have shortcomings too; they forget, they destroy things, they fart in their sleep, and occasionally, they wake you up at 4am for absolutely no reason. Little imperfections, here and there. But what […]

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11 Hilarious Dogs With Unrealistic Expectation

Dogs are some of the most positive creatures I’ve ever met. They are born happy, little four-legged creatures that can brighten up anyone’s day! But their strength can also be their weakness. They are positive but sometimes, too positive that what they are trying to achieve is ridiculous or downright unrealistic. Therefore, we’ve compiled a […]

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dog kiss

7 Reasons Why Dogs Love To Lick People

Licking is a dog’s ultimate way to please people. When you arrive from work, they never fail to greet you with jumping and slobbery kisses. But there’s more to licking than just trying make you feel welcome as soon as you open the door. While licking is indeed one of the ways dogs show their […]

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