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Death Row Shelter Dog Becomes Part Of Texas Search-And-Rescue Team In Harvey Aftermath

It is quite unbelievable that a dog who was once deemed ”unadoptable” is now rescuing people. It proves that dogs, if given the chance, can prove themselves and become quite the asset. Rocket, a Belgian Malinois/Border Collie mix was one day away from euthanasia in a shelter in Sacramento, California. No one wanted to adopt […]

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missing dog 1

Homeless Man Sleeps Outside Shelter In Search For His Missing Dog

A homeless man took the staff at DeKalb County Animal Services in Georgia by surprise when they found him laying outside the shelter very early morning on August 18. He told them about his missing dog, and he is desperate to get him back. He wanted to inquire about his dog who had gone missing earlier […]

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Shiba Inu Is So Good At Pretending To Be A Bad Doggo In Hilarious Skit

Want to create the world’s worst dish? Perhaps you should hire Mariko the Shiba Inu aka the world’s worst cooking assistant. The owner of Mariko decided to create a cooking show and of course, he employs his very own dog to be his right hand man. A Japanese guy and an adorable dog making a […]

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smartest dog breeds

Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds In The World

I think it’s safe to say that dog lovers already know dogs are intelligent creatures…well…most of the time anyway. Dogs are even known to be almost as smart as chimpanzees — pretty incredible, right? But did you know that there are specific breeds that are known to be smarter than others? Check out the top […]

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Dog Who Lost Her Puppies Takes In A Litter Thrown Out Of Car Window

Blossom was pregnant and with advanced case of heart worm when her owner gave her up to a crowded shelter in Houston. Thankfully, Maggie Escriva of Westie and Scottie Rescue Houston stepped up to foster her. However, Blossom lost two of her three puppies at birth. She became ”frantic” and would search all over the […]

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blind dog

Firefighter Rescues Blind Dog Missing For 8 Days, But Refuses Reward

There are so many good reasons why people love firefighters. They risk their lives every day to save people in need, and they do so like it’s nothing. As if that’s not enough, they go above and beyond duty to help those in need. Whether it’s responding to disasters even when they are off-duty or […]

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best friend dog

Do You Have A Best Friend? This Dog Definitely Know Who His Is!!

I think most kids growing up have a best friend. That person that is there for you and always by your side to take on the world. My best friend and me spent weekends at each other’s houses having sleepovers, playing with dolls and having tea parties. We knew everything about each other and we […]

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mom dog

Dog Mom Has Four Children And One Of Them’s A… Lion?!

From the bottom of my heart one of the most rewarding things in my life is being a mom to my children. My job is as a stay at home mom but I love them so much I wouldn’t even call it a job. Don’t get me wrong it is no easy task and at […]

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Bella The Boxer Is Told She Cannot Lie On New Couch – Her Reaction Is HILARIOUS!

Growing up we had a lab and she preferred to be outdoors. She would come inside sometimes but she would get too hot and always want to go out. The Boxer in this video is funny like that too. She loved to be outside in the cool air and we lived where the winters were […]

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Daily Mail

Labradoodle Carries Kitten On His Back & They Go On Adventures

Emily Aubrecht from Alberta, Canada, is the proud owner of Jessie, a three-year-old Australian Labradoodle, and Koda, a four-month-old adopted kitten. They are not a usual couple normally seen in the animal kingdom these days. Have you heard the expression “they fight like cats and dogs”? Well, that is not the case of this strange and […]

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