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race car

Dog Felt Left Out At Christmas — Grandpa Builds Him His Very Own Race Car Bed

Donna and Trevor Armstrong are amazing grandparents. They live in New South Wales, and just like all grandparents, they love spoiling their grandchildren. In fact, for a fun surprise, they purchased their three grandsons race car beds. As the gifts were revealed, the kids were absolutely ecstatic. However, there was one “kid” in the house […]

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Shelter Dog Who Reached Out Her Paw To Anyone Who Passed Her Kennel Is Now All Smiles!

One of the most heartbreaking things in the world is too see a shelter animal beg for the tiniest bit of attention. It’s sad to see someone so deprived of love. That is why when Katy Hinkley Cassells, co-founder of Helping Paws22, saw 6-year-old Leila reach out her paw to anyone who passed her kennel, […]

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Meet Mochi–The Dog With The Longest Tongue In The World

The Guinness World Records feature some incredible and often bizarre titles. People and pets compete for them, sometimes by working hard and sometimes by chance. This year, a Saint Bernard named Mochi snagged the title for world’s longest dog tongue! Mochi currently lives with his family in South Dakota. Six years ago, Karla Richert rescued […]

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20+ Hilarious Snapchats That Prove Dogs Are The Best

Dogs are arguably the first the best thing that’s ever happened to humankind. They keep you grounded. They live in the moment. And they are bottomless sources of unconditional love! With the rise of social media, we have more avenues to share just how awesome/silly/weird are dogs are. The world is an even better place […]

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dog tweets

12 Funny Dog Tweets That We Can Relate All Too Well

Dogs are sprightly little creatures and our lives wouldn’t be the same without them. In fact, some people would argue that they may be the best thing that’s ever happened to mankind. And you know what, maybe they are right. Maybe they are angels sent down from above to teach us a lesson or two– […]

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Mom Couldn’t Recognize Their Dog And It Is Comedy Gold

Moms are many things, including a constant source of internet jokes. Just ask netizen Jeff Squires and his dog Duey. So you see, Jeff was at a guitar center when he received texts from mom. She sent a picture of a recently found dog in their area and asked if it was their dog Duey. […]

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best friend dog

Do You Have A Best Friend? This Dog Definitely Know Who His Is!!

I think most kids growing up have a best friend. That person that is there for you and always by your side to take on the world. My best friend and me spent weekends at each other’s houses having sleepovers, playing with dolls and having tea parties. We knew everything about each other and we […]

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mom dog

Dog Mom Has Four Children And One Of Them’s A… Lion?!

From the bottom of my heart one of the most rewarding things in my life is being a mom to my children. My job is as a stay at home mom but I love them so much I wouldn’t even call it a job. Don’t get me wrong it is no easy task and at […]

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Bella The Boxer Is Told She Cannot Lie On New Couch – Her Reaction Is HILARIOUS!

Growing up we had a lab and she preferred to be outdoors. She would come inside sometimes but she would get too hot and always want to go out. The Boxer in this video is funny like that too. She loved to be outside in the cool air and we lived where the winters were […]

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Pup with whipped cream

Owner Couldn’t Believe When She Found Dog Squeezing Whipped Cream

If there is one thing we know about dogs it’s that they love treats. My dog would probably cook me dinner and do the dishes if it meant he’d get a treat. Their faces get so excited and their ears almost stand straight up on end. We make them sit and they wait and wait […]

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