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Who’s Smarter: Cats Or Dogs? New Study Answers Age Old Question!

A research conducted by Vanderbilt University has shed light on the matter that has been debated cat ladies and dog lovers for a long time now; who’s smarter? cats or dogs? It’s a win for dog lovers. According to author Suzana Herculano-Houzem, dogs have twice the amount of neurons than cats. Neurons are associated with […]

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unfortunate dogs

Woman Locks Herself Inside Hot Car To Show What Dogs Go Through

It’s hard to look away when you see unfortunate dogs locked inside a hot car. In an effort to end more hot car death, a lady from Nottingham did a stunt! In a bit of investigative journalism, a daring documentary style film making no doubt inspired by the likes of “Super Size Me” director and […]

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teacup puppies

Brain Injury, Fragile Bones Afflict Teacup Puppies, Organizations Warn

Teacup puppies are smaller version of already tiny dog breeds and are trending among the animal-loving community for being cute and baby-like. Even Paris Hilton has one. Sure, they are adorable until you find out the health problems that plague them. Deformities and illnesses are on the rise among these miniature breeds, organizations warn. Breeders […]

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talking to dog

Talking To Your Dog Is A Sign Of Intelligence, Study Confirms

Do you find yourself talking to your dog? Perhaps inadvertently giving him a colorful character that suits him in some way? Have you ever been called a weirdo for it? Well, rest easy. Science says that talking to animals is actually a sign of intelligence. Crazy, right? Ok, let me explain. It’s called anthropomorphising–the process […]

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