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Dog Dies After Common Mistake, His Owner Urges Others To Be Aware Of This Danger

Uplifting and fun dog stories are our favorite types of stories to write and share. However, sometimes, we have to take a more serious note. A young woman named Christina Young has recently sent out a warning, and it’s worth sharing with every single dog owner. Recently, Christina had to say goodbye to her dog […]

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Dozens Of Dog Foods Pulled From Shelves Nationwide After Investigation Finds Euthanasia Drug

Retailers across the United States have been pulling at least 31 one varieties of dog food from their shelves after traces of the euthanasia drug were found – pentobarbital. Results of lab tests confirmed the presence of the drug and the FDA launched an investigation. Days later, Smucker’s, who happens to own almost every single brand […]

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Salt Can Wreak Serious Havoc On Your Dog’s Paws

I don’t know about your dog, but my dog absolutely loves playing the snow. Bouncing and frolicking around in the soft, fluffy snow is one of his favorite pastimes. And one of my favorite winter pastimes is watching him! However, with the snow, comes the road salt. Industrial-grade salt is used to help melt the […]

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Loyal Dog Runs Through Traffic To Lead People To Her Badly Injured Owner

Milagro Muñoz Araya and her husband parked their car near a veterinary clinic in Guapiles, Costa Rica where Araya works. She noticed a tiny blonde dog that was darting back and forth across the busy street, dodging cars. “When I saw that the dog was running from one side to the other very nervously, I […]

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10+ Dogs Who Look Absolutely Adorable Eating Fruits And Veggies

Dogs are often branded as picky eaters and mostly carnivorous. They love treats that smell and taste like feet or rotten cheese or just plainly meaty (not that I know how feet actually tastes like lol). We humans may love our fruits and veggies but they are often overlooked by dogs. They just aren’t as delicious […]

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henry 11

Hiker Couple Adopts Cat And Dog Who Are Passionate About Hiking! Stunning Photos Galore.

I can imagine how satisfying it must be to travel with your pet. Sharing the beauty of the world with them and living life with no regrets. That is why I am utterly envious of avid hikers Cynthia Bennet and her boyfriend who get to experience the outdoors with their dog Henry and cat Baloo! […]

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dog dreams

Dog Dreams: What Do Our Furry Friends Dream About?

Are dog dreams real? Just like people, dogs are actually capable of dozing off to dreamland! Those whimpering and barking your dog does in his sleep is probably one of his dog dreams. One of the greatest mysteries that has plagued mankind throughout the eons is the enigma of dreams. What are they? And what […]

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wandering cloud

Dog Dies Of Broken Heart After Owner Abandoned Her At Airport

Dogs are creatures worth emulating. Their love is unconditional, their loyalty unwavering and resilience second to none. Despite all that, there is only so much they can take. They, too, suffer the blows of neglect and abandonment. A dog in Colombia died of broken heart after he owner abandoned her at an airport terminal. Her […]

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deputy 1

Park Rangers Heard Crying And Found Muddy Dog Tied To Cinder Block

Dogs are abandoned in creative ways. Thankfully, cruelty does not always win. Park rangers at Longview Lake in Kansas City, Missouri were going about their day, patrolling they area. They were spooked when they heard crying in the distance. They followed the sound but nothing could prepare them for what they found next. The dog […]

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awkward puppy

Awkward Puppy Gets Stuck In His Owner’s Underwear

Well, this sure is embarrassing. While owner is taking a dump, his pup decided to go an adventure of his own. It’s no secret that dogs love underwear–whether they are bras, socks, panties and boxers. I think they especially like the ones you use to protect the privates right below the belt. I’m not quite […]

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