Woman Walks Into Shelter And Asked For The ”Oldest, Hardest Dog To Adopt”

People want perfect dogs, so much that it gave rise to atrocious breeding practices and puppy mills. It is hell for people who work or volunteer at shelters.

But every now and then, an angel who comes by a shelter and puts a smile on the staff’s face. For Front Street Shelter, that angel is Melani Andrews.

Andrews had a particularly difficult year. Her husband passed away half a year ago, and then her dog a month later. I can only imagine her grief.

She was desperate for companion given her circumstance, and a dog would be perfect to fill that gap. She wanted to adopt a dog, however, she wants her decision to really count for something.

That’s when she decided to go to Front Street Shelter and asked for their most unadoptable dog!

“This kind woman walked into our shelter and asked who the oldest, hardest to adopt dog was,” Front Street Shelter wrote. “So we introduced her to Jake. Jake has been with us for a long time, is a senior and has cancer in addition to skin problems. He was getting passed up time and time again.”

There’s so many cases of animal abuse and cruelty. Shelter staff see it practically on a daily basis. Thankfully, there are people like Melani who restores their faith in humanity. Go to the next page for more!


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