You Have To WATCH One Dog Try To Play Like A Regular Kid!

Getting a new puppy could quite possibly one of the best, most fun things in the entire world. They are just so cute and snuggly and teeny tiny! And sometimes they try and act just like a regular human kid!

Like a new baby a new puppy is so fun because everything to them is new and interesting. They give a new sense of awe at the world that is a very refreshing perspective. It’s so very fun to witness.

I’ll never forget when my dog was little he would see himself in our full length mirror and it would scare him. It was then so funny to watch him play with what we call “mirror dog”, always trying to get him to play.

Even older dogs still retain that air of curiosity and mystery. Since they don’t learn like humans some things are still super strange for them to see!! And even funnier for us to watch!

One feisty dog tries to make friends with someone who may not be what he’s expecting. Continue to the next page to WATCH his hilarious encounter!!


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