Woman Locks Herself Inside Hot Car To Show What Dogs Go Through

It’s hard to look away when you see unfortunate dogs locked inside a hot car. In an effort to end more hot car death, a lady from Nottingham did a stunt!

In a bit of investigative journalism, a daring documentary style film making no doubt inspired by the likes of “Super Size Me” director and social experimenter, Morgan Spurlock, a woman undergoes hell just to prove a point.

Her name is Jess Ritchie, she’s a 24 year-old animal lover with a a huge heart. When a severe heat wave struck the British Isle–Jess, a resident of Nottingham, has noticed an increased of animals being left in the backseat of cars.

These poor dogs are locked while their owners go about their business outside. Whether it’s too run an errand or purchase something at a supermarket.

The thing about these little errands is that they are never little when you’re inside a car under the blistering sun. Such conditions are cruel and inhumane.

In the following clip, Jess, submits herself to the exact same sweltering and boiling circumstances. An experiment that’s meant as a teaching lesson for irresponsible masters and owners.

Turn to the next page to see Jess lock herself inside a blistering car in the name of unfortunate dogs everywhere!


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