Small Dog Proves That Short People Problems Are Very Real

This small dog is struggling to go one step up the stairs and it’s weirdly relatable. Also, it’s hilarious as hell.

I’m short. My mom is the size of a dwarf and my grandmother drive a Matchbox car and has room for a second passenger. My family was gifted with the genome of imps, gremlin and gnomes.

At Christmas, people come up to us in malls and ask: “Hey, which way to Santa’s Village?”

In movie theaters, we all have to bring anextra pillow, just to place below our bums. Otherwise, those gigantic kids from the Kindergarten school down the road are liable to block the screen. Ok, I’m exaggerating.

The first thing we buy, whenever we move, is a ladder. And surprisingly enough, because things do balance out, we never ever have to worry about the ceiling or that particularly nasty beam everybody seems to bang their foreheads against.

Turn to the next page to see small dog struggle climbing up one step. It’s hilarious and relatable.


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