Shiba Inu Is So Good At Pretending To Be A Bad Doggo In Hilarious Skit

Want to create the world’s worst dish? Perhaps you should hire Mariko the Shiba Inu aka the world’s worst cooking assistant.

The owner of Mariko decided to create a cooking show and of course, he employs his very own dog to be his right hand man. A Japanese guy and an adorable dog making a dish together; what can go wrong? Actually, A LOT.

The show starts with owner introducing each ingredient they are going to use to create the dish, and each of those ingredients Mariko has knocked over. She even squeezed the bottle of sauce and off the red saucy goodness to the floor.

The main ingredient they were going to use for the dish was tofu. Almost halfway through the video, owner took out an ingredient that I suppose was to be added on top of the tofu but the adorable dog proceeded to eat the ingredient when it was laid on the table.

It probably was dog food anyway. We all know Mariko is a good doggo in real life, so good she can even make you believe she’s a bad doggo as per her owner’s instruction.

Watch the video and read the rest of the story on the next page! Do you really think she has it in her to be cause her human trouble?


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