Shelter Dog Who Reached Out Her Paw To Anyone Who Passed Her Kennel Is Now All Smiles!

One of the most heartbreaking things in the world is too see a shelter animal beg for the tiniest bit of attention. It’s sad to see someone so deprived of love.

That is why when Katy Hinkley Cassells, co-founder of Helping Paws22, saw 6-year-old Leila reach out her paw to anyone who passed her kennel, she could not help but rescue her.

Upon seeing the video, Cassells decided that Leila will be the latest addition to their family. After all, she is especially dedicated to helping dogs that have been having the roughest time.

“I like to take the dogs that are sick,” Cassells told The Dodo. “She’s not the first who’s been abused and had a tough life.”

Cassell picked Leila from the shelter and drove to her Florida home where she spends Christmas with her five rescue dogs. Leila was asleep most of the drive but as soon as she woke up, she extended her paw towards Cassell.

Almost overnight, Leila’s life is turned around. From shelter dog, she went to a loving home with other dogs to play with.

More importantly, she found a mom who is passionate about her and helping others like her. Turn to the next page for more.


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