Salt Can Wreak Serious Havoc On Your Dog’s Paws


I don’t know about your dog, but my dog absolutely loves playing the snow. Bouncing and frolicking around in the soft, fluffy snow is one of his favorite pastimes. And one of my favorite winter pastimes is watching him!

However, with the snow, comes the road salt. Industrial-grade salt is used to help melt the ice and snow on roads and sidewalks. It keeps us safe, but it actually ends up wreaking havoc on our dogs’ paws.

Salting the ground will help your boots and tires stick to the ground but it can take a serious toll on pets’ paws as well as the plant life that it touches, like lawns and gardens.

In some parts of the country, salt is sometimes mixed with chemicals to help melt the ice and snow. This causes double trouble for your dogs’ paws and their overall health. Sadly, taking your pup for a walk could quickly lead to a painful experience.

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