Fragile 4-Day-Old Puppy Grows Up To Be A Gorgeous Dog And Is Adopted By Mailman!

Whoever said that dogs and mailman are mortal enemies clearly have not met Doris and her dad! But before that, Doris’ life wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine!

Doris is a German Shepherd abandoned by the trash bins when she was only four days old. A storm had just hit the day before so it’s a miracle that she even survived.

Still, Doris was so young and small when the RSPCA found her that they were unsure of her breed or whether she will make it at all. She had been through some rough times.

She needed special care and had to be bottle fed due to the absence of a mother. Thankfully, shelter manager Liz Wood stepped up to the plate and fostered young Doris.

“Doris was very lucky she was found — she was very small and extremely vulnerable when she came in to us at RSPCA Millbrook,” Wood said in a press release. “She was so tiny we weren’t sure if she would even survive without a mum. I simply could not believe someone would dump such a tiny puppy, she was so small and vulnerable.”

Liz took care of her for three months, which is crucial to the puppy’s growth. She needed all that time to heal. Thanks to Liz, Doris managed to pull through and grew up to be a gorgeous dog.

“Look at her now — she has turned into a stunning young dog and I’m so proud of her,” Wood added. Turn to the next page to see the rest of the story!


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