Protective Dog Bites Police Officer, Who Handles It Impressively

The entire police force can take a lesson or two from a Round Rock, Texas police officer who handled a very protective family dog in the most amazing way possible. What he did is totally worth emulating.

Geoffrey Wightman called authorities over a disturbance in the neighborhood. He told the dispatcher he has a dog who’s very protective of the family home.

The dispatcher sent Officer Randall Frederick to check up on the situation. And boy, was he the right man for the ob.

When Frederick rang the door bell, Whitman’s two year old son rushed to the door and opened it before the family could. They were not able to secure their protective dog Jillaroo.

The protective dog rushed to the door, jumped over the two year old and bit Frederick twice in the leg. But Frederick knew better than to draw his gun to protect himself.

Police officers are getting a lot of bad rap for the way they are handling family pets. But Frederick is different!

What he did instead, you will have to turn to the next page to find out. He is a credit to humanity.


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