Precious Dog Born With Deformity Throws The Cutest Punches Ever

This precious dog may be born with deformity but that doesn’t stop him from duking it out Ali-style with his human buddy! “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” a motto this fighting Chihuahua holds firm to his heart.

McFly “Ali” is the toughest, meanest and cutest little dog you’ll ever meet. He’s not only a heavyweight fighter in form, but a Mike Tyson in spirit.

The absolutely precious dog had been abandoned and surrendered to the Mia Foundation exactly one day after his birth. He was tossed out with the garbage on account of a genetic defect.

McFly, due to a flimsy strand of DNA, was born with a rare deformity in his front leg. A deformity that limits his stride and independence.

Turn to the next page to see precious dog born with deformity throw the cutest punches ever. He sure isn’t letting anything in life get him down.


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