Owner Couldn’t Believe When She Found Dog Squeezing Whipped Cream

Pup with whipped cream

If there is one thing we know about dogs it’s that they love treats. My dog would probably cook me dinner and do the dishes if it meant he’d get a treat.

Their faces get so excited and their ears almost stand straight up on end. We make them sit and they wait and wait wagging their tails barely able to keep their bum on the floor.

While it is cute it also can cause some dogs to get into a little bit of trouble. Our puppy once discovered where we kept the bag of dog food and we caught him sticking half way out of the bag!

If there’s one thing dogs love more than treats it’s people food. You can just about see the drool coming out of their cute little mouths as they stare and stare at you waiting for you to give in.

While my dogs are crafty they don’t even compare to what one dog was able to pull off. Continue to the next page to see one of the funniest canine snack capers you’ll ever see!!


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