One Special Dog Can Do CRAZY Back Flips! We’re Impressed!

Special Dog

Growing up I hung around with all the neighborhood kids who all could do different, fun things. It was quite a show watching us all run around together all summer. The special dog you’re about to witness is just like one of these kids!

My friends could do everything and anything. If you dared them to swim from the dock to the island on the lake they wouldn’t even blink at the challenge!

These may not always be the smartest ideas, as kids we tend to take risks unaware of any harm that could come. One kid climbed all the trees not matter how high and he still did it even though he fell out of a pretty tall one once.

Dogs seem to have the crazy reckless abandon love of life. They just jump into rivers, run at full speed towards the trees, wrestle with each other endlessly and inspire us all to live a little bolder and bigger.

One dog is particularly impressive in his disregard for caution and acting like a typical “dog”. He can do a trick that makes the circus look like kid’s play. Continue to the next page to WATCH him in action!!


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