Mama Dog Kept Her Puppies In A Tree Till Rescuers Arrived

A very brave mama dog managed to keep her newborn puppies alive until rescuers arrived. She thought that to keep them safe from elements, predators and bad people, keeping them out of plain sight is the best way to go.

Mama dog figured that keeping her puppies inside a tree would increase their chances of surviving. And that’s exactly what she did, until rescuers arrived.

Two organizations, All Sato Rescuers – an organization operating outside Puerto Rico which focuses on rescuing dogs from overpopulated areas, and Cape Ann Animal Aid – an adoption shelter for animals in a high-risk situations, have come together in for a unique rescue mission.

Once a mother holds her tiny baby in her arms for the first time, she instantly comes to the realization that she would gladly trade her life in order to keep her child safe. All mothers are willing to risk everything for their child’s well-being.

They are willing to protect their kids from every imaginable circumstance, no matter the danger. Well, Juniper’s story is a clear example of the many ways a mother puts IT on the line in order to defend her pups.

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