Loyal Dog Runs Through Traffic To Lead People To Her Badly Injured Owner


Milagro Muñoz Araya and her husband parked their car near a veterinary clinic in Guapiles, Costa Rica where Araya works. She noticed a tiny blonde dog that was darting back and forth across the busy street, dodging cars.

“When I saw that the dog was running from one side to the other very nervously, I knew she was trying to tell us something,” Araya told a fellow website. “So my husband and I parked the car to see what was wrong with the poor dog.”

They decided to follow the dog, and when they did, she led them to a man that was lying on the ground with a cane next to him. He appeared to be badly injured.

“My husband and I immediately ran up to the man, and the dog ran with us to where the man was, and she started licking him nonstop,” Araya said. “My husband called the ambulance.”

It started to rain, and the dog made sure to stay by her owner’s side to keep them warm and to comfort them. “She never abandoned him,” Araya said.

When the ambulance arrived, they put the man on a stretcher and loaded him inside. The dog hopped inside to join their owner. Continue to the next page to see what happens next. What a sweet and loyal dog!


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