Labradoodle Carries Kitten On His Back & They Go On Adventures

Emily Aubrecht from Alberta, Canada, is the proud owner of Jessie, a three-year-old Australian Labradoodle, and Koda, a four-month-old adopted kitten. They are not a usual couple normally seen in the animal kingdom these days.

Have you heard the expression “they fight like cats and dogs”? Well, that is not the case of this strange and unique friendship.

Not only are they best friends since they met, but they are also the ultimate adventure loving duo. They love all sorts of outdoor activities, especially trekking through the Canadian outback with Emily by their side.

Koda usually rides on a special harness on Jessie’s back whenever they travel in the wilderness. At first, it was not easy for Jesse to carry Koda, but now it is unthinkable for her to go out without her feline companion.

Turn to the next page to see the beautiful friendship between Jesse the Labradoodle and her kitten! Animals are really good at breaking barriers and stereotypes.


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