4-Year-Old Girl And Dog Recreate Astronaut’s Classic Dog Portrait–Wins Internet!

It is important to teach children kindness and compassion at a young age. And one of the best ways to do that is to add a fur baby into the family.

Therefore, imagine the joy of Andrew Miller when her 4-year-old daughter asked to recreate an astronaut’s classic dog portrait for Halloween!

Your daughter admiring a dog-loving astronaut? You just can’t say no to that!

The little girl referred to her hero as “that funny astronaut.”

The man she was talking about is Leland Melvin, an engineer and retired NASA astronaut. In 2009, he snuck his two rescue dog inside NASA and the rest is history.

Miller thought that the perfect place to recreate the photo was on the stairs in front of his store. Of course, they needed the family dog’s help to pull it off!

And the result is just priceless! It even got the attention of the NASA astronaut.

A little bit of a backstory about the original photo. Dogs were not allowed into NASA premises but Melvin had his ways!

Turn to the next page to see the recreation of the adorable photo. And also, how Melvin snuck his dogs into NASA in the first place!


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