Homeless Man Sleeps Outside Shelter In Search For His Missing Dog

A homeless man took the staff at DeKalb County Animal Services in Georgia by surprise when they found him laying outside the shelter very early morning on August 18. He told them about his missing dog, and he is desperate to get him back.

He wanted to inquire about his dog who had gone missing earlier that day. He was obviously worried sick about her.

This man is a perfect example of why we shouldn’t judge a man based on his status in life. He loved his dog more than anything, and it really shows.

“Our kennel tech woke him up, and the man said his dog had gone missing,” a spokesperson for the shelter, Karen Hirsch, told The Dodo.

The shelter informed him that his dog was picked up as a stray and is at a shelter on the other side of town. However, the young man had already spent all the money he had to commute to their shelter.

Touched by his unwavering love for his dog, the shelter staff decided to shoulder the train ticket that would get him to the other facility. After all, how can you not feel for someone who tries his hardest for love?

Thanks to the shelter staff, the young man made it to the other facility. Turn to the next page for more.


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