Grumpy Dog Has No Problem Telling His People To Be Quiet And It’s HILARIOUS!

grumpy dog

Growing up we always had dogs that were mostly black labs and one German Shepherd. They were all good, sweet dogs who loved us kids so much. But I’ve never witnessed a grumpy dog like the one in this video!

Mine were your typical dog, outside trolling the yard and would of course bark to let us know someone or something was near the house. This was usually a squirrel but they had to tell us!

When I got older and eventually graduated from college I finally got my first dog. He was a hound mix and he was the funniest aloof dog you’ve ever seen.

Because he was mostly hound he tended to be very vocal which I wasn’t used to. He would groan really loudly or open his mouth and make all these talking sounds, it was so funny!

Well he was my first experience with a talky dog but he definitely wasn’t the last. He was also not the only dog with something to say. Continue to the next page to see one grumpy Gus and all his feelings, you’ll die laughing!!


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