Mom Picks Up Camera When Thoughtful German Shepherd Helps Shovel Snow

This German Shepherd is more than just a cute face. He’s also thoughtful and helpful around the house.

When winter hits, it is fun and beautiful. But with good things come hassles—it’s cold, wet and slippery! Letting snow pile up can be hazardous, although occasionally it stops traffic so we get a day off from school or work. It isn’t always such a bad thing!

Dedicated to keeping everyone safe this winter, a thoughtful German Shepherd picks up the shovel and plowed snow to the sides. Mom is so impressed she picked up the camera and filmed her hard working German Shepherd.

He’s proof that dogs aren’t always up to no-good at home. They don’t always want to roll toilet paper around the house or tear up the couch or countersurf!

Turn to the next page to see mom admire and film her German Shepherd while he’s shoveling snow. Isn’t he a dream?


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