Funny Little Dog Refuses To Let Owner Leave For Vacation

Funny Little Dog

You’ve worked hard all year – earning those coveted vacation and holiday hours. It’s time to go relax on a beach somewhere with a cocktail in hand. There’s just one problem for the person in this video – their little dog refuses to let him go.

Don’t you wish you could take your fur baby everywhere with you? It’s so nice that there’s stores and hotels that let you bring in your pet. But sometimes? It’s just not possible.

Things like long flights, extended time away or extra costs of transporting your pet prevents you bringing them with you when you go away on holiday. It hurts our hearts to say goodbye to them temporarily but sometimes it just has to be done.

The owner of a little dog named Sydney is trying to finish packing for an upcoming getaway. But it’s pretty clear the Sydney doesn’t want them going ANYWHERE.

Watch as she hilariously protests their departure by being extremely stubborn – but very cute. We’ve got to hand it to her – she’s persistent! Continue to the next page.


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