Family Dog Dies After Protecting Baby From House Fire

A family dog named Polo will forever be remembered by this family as the hero who saved their 8-month-old baby’s life. Sadly, he didn’t make it.

The Baltimore City Fire Department responded to a call for a house fire. A dangerous alarm with persons trapped; a dire situation where every minute was critical.

Erika Poremski, stepped out for a moment, to grab something out of her car. Unexpectedly, a fire started in the second floor.

Unfortunately, her 8-month-old baby girl was trapped in her room and Erika’s continuous efforts to get inside the house and reach her child were unsuccessful.

The fire spread so quickly that she suffered burns on her hands and face trying to re-enter. Erika was desperate, hearing her child cry in desperation, but not even the neighbors could enter the house.

Turn to the next page how their family dog saved the baby’s life. It’s so beautiful and so heartbreaking.


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