Family Abandons Depressed Dog At Shelter In Favor Of New Dog

This story of a depressed dog abandoned by her family is heartbreaking beyond belief. Animal Services picked up a two-year-old German Shepherd as a stray after she jumped the fence. When her family arrived at the shelter, she was ecstatic to see them but she was in for a painful surprise.

The German Shepherd, who now goes by the name Zuzu, started jumping up and down upon the sight of a family who walked into the shelter. When the staff saw this, they immediately sensed that the family owned Zuzu.

They thought she was finally going home. However, when the conferred with the family, they said they did not come to pick her up.

In fact, they were there to get another. That’s right, they are leaving their family pet to rot in a shelter in favor a brand new pup. What the….?!?!

Turn to the next page to see the rest of the story of how a family abandons depressed dog at shelter for new pet. How absolutely horrifying.


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