Ecstatic Dog Expresses Sweetest THANK YOU To Dad For Bring Him To Dog Park!

An ecstatic dog realized that dad just drove him to a dog park and couldn’t contain his excitement. Of course, he thanks dad in a major way!

In the beginning, the little dog sit calmly on another person’s laugh on the passenger’s seat of the car. Moments later, he realized that dad just brought him to arguably the happiest place on earth for a dog!

The ecstatic dog runs to dad’s lap, who was driving by the way, and started giving him sweet kisses. Meanwhile, dad is trying his hardest to focus on the wheels.

The dog’s reaction makes me both happy and sad. I am happy to see another creature so happy, and a little sad because I may never feel as excited as he is for anything in my whole life. LOL.

Before you judge me, you have to go to the next page to see just how ecstatic this dog is. It’s definitely unreal.


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