Dozens Of Dog Foods Pulled From Shelves Nationwide After Investigation Finds Euthanasia Drug


Retailers across the United States have been pulling at least 31 one varieties of dog food from their shelves after traces of the euthanasia drug were found – pentobarbital. Results of lab tests confirmed the presence of the drug and the FDA launched an investigation.

Days later, Smucker’s, who happens to own almost every single brand in questions announced the voluntary recall. Products include brands like Gravy Train, Kibbles ‘N Bits, Ol’ Roy canned food, and Skippy.

Many retailers, including Walmart and their 4,700 stores, have been scrambling to pull the tainted food from shelves. After seven months of lab testing, ABC News conducted hundreds of tests across dozens of food brands.

“Consumers, they’re tired of their pets dying. They’re tired of being worried and this needs to change,” said Susan Thixton, who’s been researching and writing about the pet food industry for years.

She claims that consumers are clueless about what they are buying at the store. “They have no information,” said Thixton. “A consumer has to become a private detective to learn what’s really in their food.”

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