Dog With Broken Legs Has Been Living In A Ditch Alone, Then She Puts Her Paws On Rescuer’s Hands

What was supposed to be a regular day for Łukasz Muniowski and his wife, Natalia turned into a rescue mission when they stumbled across an injured puppy hiding in a drain.

The couple was cycling through the countryside when the dog popped her head from a drain. “My wife said, ‘Oh, a dog,’” Muniowski told The Dodo. “And we stopped.”

Like many dogs who aren’t used to people, her initial reaction was to run back to the drain, away from the couple. That’s when they noticed that there was something quite off with her.

She ran funny, which indicated that she was in pain. This made the couple even more determined to help the poor dog, who they later named Bobby.

“Her run … was very awkward,” Muniowski said. “Her back was in the air, the back legs were wobbly and didn’t touch the ground. It’s really strange to describe, because I’ve never seen anything like it.”

One side of the drain the pup ran into was closed off with a stone. Muniowski had to dig with his hands while his wife waited on the other side to see if Bobby ran there. Bobby felt threatened and growled.

He successfully dug the stone that covered the entrance. He placed his hands close to Bobby.

Bobby smelled his hands and felt safe. She then placed her paws over his, as if to gesture that she is ready to be rescued. Turn to the next page to see the rest of this story.


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