Dog Shares Toy With Baby And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever!

There are just about a billion reasons to be a lover of dogs. They’re loyal, giving, best friends, companions and the list goes on. And when you mix a baby AND a dog together? The cuteness is out of control.

Dogs are very sensitive and can tell how their human is doing just through observation. When a good dog comes along they care only for your welfare and try to help any way possible.

This goes from letting us hug them when we need a friend, sharing bites from the table for a good laugh and being best friends to our kids. Growing up in a dog household I always had someone to play with.

And when I was a teeny tiny baby our lab was my protector and second mother. Even when I climbed all over her and played with her ears she just sat there with me patient as ever.

Dogs seem to share a special bond with kids, like one sweet boxer that has just such a bond and it will melt your heart to see him interact with this baby. Continue to the next page to WATCH them share in the cutest way ever!


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