Dog Owner Risks Life And Punches Kangaroo To Save His Dog

Kangaroo is a dangerous animal to encounter in the wild. One jump could easily disembowel a man.

However, the heroic dog owner isn’t going to let his dog get hurt in the hands of a roo. Therefore, he came over and hoped to spook the kangaroo into letting his dog go. He succeeded but the kangaroo is onto him now., together with The Doggy Universe and Animal Welfare Institute, wants to end the abuse of animals. Therefore, they are donating part of all purchases on their web shop to fun programs and laws that will better the lives of animals.

The ”If Love Could Have Saved You” hoodie below is one of their best-sellers. Any purchase of the hoodie will help end animal abuse.



The kangaroo puffed his chest as he prepares to attack the man. Meanwhile, the human goes into desperation mode and punched the kangaroo square in the face.

Confused and possibly terrified, the kangaroo hops into the woods and never came back. Victory is on the side of our hero dog owner and his dog!

You can be a part of our effort to end the abuse of animals all over the world–in farm, laboratories, at home and in the wild–through any purchase. Together, we can make the world a better place for animals. Go to 


There’s nothing a dog won’t do for his owner. And there’s nothing a dog owner won’t do for his dog. Caring is a two-way street.

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