Dog Has New Best Friend And You Won’t Believe Who It Is!

Silly best friend

As a kid we had all different kinds of pets over the years in our household. My mom worked for a vet and so sometimes her heart would melt and she would bring home the strays.

I had 3 adorable hamsters, a rabbit, some fish and when I was older a really cute little cat. On his fifth birthday my grandmother even sent my brother a tadpole that grew into a frog!

We had quite a few other various random pets but one thing was true, we always had dogs. A dog, at least one but usually more was always a friend to greet you when you came to our house.

It was always funny though to watch the dogs try to play with our other animals. Actually my rabbit and cat got along with our black lab so well sometimes I think they thought they were dogs too!

While I had some different pets in my house none quite compare to the new friend named Roper one dog made his new playmate. Continue to the next page to SEE who it is!!


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