Dog Mom Has Four Children And One Of Them’s A… Lion?!

mom dog

From the bottom of my heart one of the most rewarding things in my life is being a mom to my children. My job is as a stay at home mom but I love them so much I wouldn’t even call it a job.

Don’t get me wrong it is no easy task and at times it takes a lot of patience and love. But watching them grow and become their own people is all worth it.

My kids have best friends of course and they are always at our house. I pretty much have come to think of them as my own especially when we all have dinner together, like a big extended family!

Even in the animal kingdom this is true as well. The mom gene is a strong feeling and being loving, accepting and protective is just a natural part of that.

One dog took this to the extreme when she adopted a kid who wasn’t the typical puppy. You won’t believe your eyes when you see who has joined her family!!!


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