Dog Felt Left Out At Christmas — Grandpa Builds Him His Very Own Race Car Bed

race car

Donna and Trevor Armstrong are amazing grandparents. They live in New South Wales, and just like all grandparents, they love spoiling their grandchildren. In fact, for a fun surprise, they purchased their three grandsons race car beds.

As the gifts were revealed, the kids were absolutely ecstatic. However, there was one “kid” in the house that wasn’t very happy at all. “My son Zac, who doesn’t have any kids, said to us, ‘Aww, where’s my son’s car bed?” Donna told a fellow website.

Well, Zac happened to be referring to his super adorable Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix named Butch Cassidy. Of course, Zac was just playing around, but little did he know, Grandpa was going to take it to heart.

After giving it some thought, Trevor was certain that he’d be able to build a little race car bed just for his grand-dog Butch Cassidy. In fact, he was going to make it super special. The big reveal happened on Christmas of last year.

Continue to the next page to see Butch Cassidy get a look at his very own homemade race car bed. It’s priceless!


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