Dog Bought From Puppy Mill Surrendered For Having Ugly Teeth

It is unfortunate that not everyone who add a dog into their family treat that dog like a family member. When things don’t go their way or something goes under, the dog is always the first to go.

Such is the case with Bobo, a beautiful Italian Greyhound. Bobo purchased by his parents from a puppy mill, which I already find wrong from the get-go. Supporting such practice breeds suffering for untold number of animals.

Anyway, they bought Bobo for the purpose of breeding him for shows. They were going to raise him to become the perfect dog.

However, things did not go their way. During Bobo’s growing years, his teeth became crooked. He didn’t turn out the perfect dog his owners had hoped him to be.

They did not fix his teeth, oh no. They sent him to a shelter. Instead of accepting Bobo for the way he is, it is rather convenient to discard him.

He was subjected to unwarranted cruelty for something this poor dog had no control over. If you purchase a dog from a puppy mill, of course it will be ridden with problems.

Thankfully, that was not the end of Bobo. A local vet picked him up after some time in the shelter. Turn to the next page for more.


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