Cute Dog Adorably DEMANDS His Human To Pet Him All Day!

We’ve seen thousands of cute dog videos. Hundred of thousands of dogs who stars in their own little skits.

Scores of absolute adorable dogs being the protagonist of their own prime time sketch… Yet, despite all those hours, we’ve never seen anything like this.

This cute dog’s name is Nora. Nora, is a charming and breathtaking Husky. If there’s anything in the world that she loves best, that would be belly rubs (and her owners of course).

I believe all dogs love their owners above all else, even themselves.

What makes this dog stand out? What makes her video different from the rest? What’s this dog’s enigma?

Turn to the next page to see an adorable Husky compel her owner to give her belly rubs! She sure is resilient and even gently drags his hand to her belly for more petting!


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